"Yoga cares"

You are a teacher? 

  •    Create an offer for people with cancer or their families

  •     Teach for your students on regular base and donate


You're visiting classes already? 

  • Join your class and support your studio especially during the week March, 16th - 22nd 

  • Please share www.tuegutes.info


You are new to holistic classes

  • Use the possibility during that week to get to know new classes (yoga, massages, Ayurveda etc.), studios, teachers and new ways to support your body and soul to stay or get healthy  


What happens?


One week of holistic offers by teachers

​- for cancer patients  (adults & kids)

- for your students and customers

- for new customers, who'd like to experience a new kind of health support 


Every provider is free to choose, how much or in which way he/she likes to donate.

Possibilities are for example 

- collecting money after class

- donate a percentage of your courses fee 

- free or special offers for cancer patients

- it could be a class, workshop or a lecture about health, prevention etc.

The headline is „Yoga tut Gutes - Benefizwoche 2020“ - Yoga cares - Charityweek 2020. Every studio and every teacher acts in a responsible manner and regardful in his/her

own name and healthy possibilities.

Why only "Yoga" ? Because its what I do ... I didn't expect this huge growth and engagement of others, but - of course - they're more than welcome to join! 


16. -  incl. 22. März 2020  - this is the period we`re advertising for. One week should give a possibility for everyone to join at least one class or workshop. If you like to collect sooner or later, it'll be welcome and fine of course. Some did that already. 


Please select and check out an organisation for your donation, that is trustworthy. You´ll find some recommendations (just ideas) under "Ideen Spendenempfänger" . If you have any suggestions, please feel free to inform me. Every provider will be responsible for his/her amount of money and donate independently. Please know the treatment of tax purposes in advance or how the get a donation receipt for example.   

Content of your offer?

Just offer, what you can do best and love. Give an accurate information about classes content and your target audience on your website, day, time and length or what to bring. Try helping new students/customers to overcome one's inhibitions, thanks. 


If you´re planning on extra offers, you might ask for support. 

May be there are practioner for massages, singing bowle or essential oils etc. who might be willing to join you. The more holistic, the better. 

Marketing ?

I´m using Facebook, Instagram and our website to reach out for people, who´d like to join us and visit our classes/offers in March 2020.  If possible, I try to motivalte some yoga Magazins to publish our charityweek. If you DON´T like to be published, you need to send me an information about that. 

I´m working on shirts with our logo. You´ll be able to order those soon  ... 




If you'd like to join us, please send an E-Mail to




  • One picture (you or your studio) + your logo ... if available. 2 pictures are possible.

  • Written permission for me to use those pics + logo for advertising and please confirm that they're your property  , for example:  "Those pictures and log are my property and I allow Martina Heldt to use those for any advertising in the name of "Yoga tut Gutes" /Yoga cares.  

  • The name of participating teacher or studio/team 

  • Place (City, Country), address, cellphone etc. 

  • Website (if available)


Until end of December 2019

  1. Your donation recipient  

  2. In which way are you going to donate (percentage etc.?) 

Please check our website and the links a few days after sending your pics & logo etc. I'm thankful for feedback or suggestions. I'm looking forward to see our charity week grow.


THANK YOU & Namaste!  


2. Benefizwoche

- Charity Week -

für Menschen mit einer Krebserfahrung 



Kontakt: Martina Heldt c/o "ZeitRaum im Norden" Kolonistenweg 11 , 24876 Hollingstedt , E-Mail: tuegutesinfo@gmail.com